STYLIST, July 15th 2022: How to resign from your job the right way

More and more of us are getting swept up in The Great Resignation. But what’s the best way to go about leaving our jobs when we’ve fallen out of love with them? STYLIST spoke to Victoria McLean, founder & CEO of award-winning career consultancy City CV, to find out more…

Below is a short excerpt.

How to quit your job in an amicable way

Over the past two years, pretty much everything about our working lives has changed. We’ve navigated hybrid working, returning to the office and the rising cost of living putting more and more pressure on our already strained salaries. And a lot of people have quit their jobs.

The mass exodus was termed ‘The Great Resignation’ for good reason. According to research conducted by Glassdoor, 30% of women surveyed said they had changed jobs since the start of the pandemic. A study by software provider CIPHR also found that one in three people have retrained for a new career or changed the industry they work in in the last 18 months.

Think your decision through properly 

“Don’t act hastily and think very carefully before handing in your resignation,” advises Victoria McLean, founder and CEO of City CV.

“If you feel like your employer or your job isn’t great, try to improve your situation first before quitting. Open up a dialogue through a meeting with your manager or HR to talk about what changes could be made.”

According to McLean, a lot of people resign unnecessarily before having a conversation about changing roles or teams. “You might find you’re much happier just by making that pivot,” she says.

“Your boss might not even know that you’re considering leaving and may offer to improve your position, change your role or even up your pay to encourage you to stay.”

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