STYLIST,  3rd May 2023: How to spring clean your work life, according to careers experts

Below is a short excerpt.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut at work, now’s the time to channel that spring optimism and evaluate what you really want from your job. 

Just as a seasonal spruce-up gives us the chance to really look at our possessions and work out whether we still want or need them, Warner says, a career spring clean is a chance to reset and re-evaluate. It’s about getting off autopilot and thinking about the parts of your job you like, the things you don’t, and where you might see yourself in the future. 

Even if you’re not job hunting right now, by tackling your CV sooner rather than later, you’re putting yourself in a better position when that dream role does come up. And if you have a LinkedIn profile, City CV founder Victoria McLean suggests that you should “make sure your profile is up to date, you have a good professional photo, you’re actively engaging and sharing your knowledge and you’re connecting with recruiters and other people in your field.”

The article can be read in full here.

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