CITY AM, 29th September 2023: ‘How to make the most of ‘middlescence”


Below is a short excerpt.

While middlescence can affect many aspects of your life from relationships to your hobbies, this mid-life rut is often the most noticeable in our careers.

As people suffer through this period of boredom and frustration, they may begin to question whether they’ve chosen the right career path or whether they have the skills and motivation to go as far as they wish to in the industry. According to Victoria McLean, CEO and founder of City CV , the workplace can be particularly difficult due to the specific metrics of success like promotions, accolades, or leadership titles compared with other areas of life that have more subjective ways of measuring happiness.

‘Our career trajectory shows us our unfulfilled ambitions,’ she says. ‘At this stage of life, we also might have a fear of becoming obsolete in rapidly changing industries, as well as having to give way to a younger generation more in touch with technology and innovation.’

So how do we cope with these feelings?

The article can be read in full here.

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