FORTUNE, 4th October 2023: Gen Z is over the ‘girlboss’ era, now it’s all about the ‘snail girl’

Below is a short excerpt.

Although being a “snail” girl is the antidote to years of perpetually hustling under the influence of the “girlboss era,” it may not be the death knell to ambition.

“You can be both a girl boss and be kind to yourself in the way of the snail girl,” asserts Victoria McLean, CEO and founder of the career consultancy City CV and CEO of Hanover Talent Solutions. “These two approaches need not be mutually exclusive; in fact, combining them might offer you a more sustainable and fulfilling career.”

She tells Fortune that work-life balance is a vital aspect of a thriving career because it enables workers to be more productive, bring their best selves to work (and home), nurture healthier relationships, and overall feel more fulfilled.

“I’m a little cautious about embracing every new career trend, and I wouldn’t want the perception of this particular trend to be that you can take it easy at work or be lazy, but I do think slowing things down a little is a good way to prevent burnout and stress,” she adds. “That has to be good both for the employee and employer.”

The article can be read in full here.

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