Career Transition Coaching

The world of work has changed. No longer do individuals expect a job for life nor do they necessarily want one.

At City CV, we are fully attuned to this ever changing environment and its challenges. We understand how to help people seize new opportunities and adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

We take action – form a plan, move forward and get results.

Career transition coaching drives your career forward

As individuals move on and upwards in their careers, they may opt for a portfolio career that blends their skills and experience, choose to work more flexibly or change direction following a career break.

Additionally, in today’s volatile environment of downsizing and lean working, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads, unsure how to deploy their existing expertise to transition to a new field.

City CV help navigate this landscape. As your confidante and sounding board, your coach provides expert, practical and emotional support.

Career | Marketing | Job Search | Interview Strategies

Following an initial planning session with your dedicated coach, together we define your aspirations, overcome barriers and articulate your brand. A personal blueprint guides you through your transition with practical support, tools and advice to maintain momentum, ensuring the time and energy you invest in your job search delivers.

We can ensure your search is at its most productive with targeted strategies to help you reach the right people. You will deepen your understanding of the hiring process and learn how to access today’s online, offline and hidden job market. Additional interview training will boost your ‘buyability’. Career Transition Coaching contains everything you need for success in one convenient package.

City CV’s Career Transition Coaching programs take place online via virtual video and are underpinned by our Career Refinery Portal & App. This includes weekly careers-focused webinars, a database of over 25,000 recruiters, an advanced LinkedIn networking tool, e-learning, personal branding advice, hundreds of videos and articles, and a full range of interactive tools.

Career Transition Coaching can be complemented by a writing package comprising an expertly crafted resume, a compelling LinkedIn profile and a cover letter to expedite your career success.

“I couldn’t figure out why they were always going for the other candidates … I didn’t know why … now I know why … I know where I was going wrong… I had the knowledge but I wasn’t using it properly … and also I wasn’t evangelizing… I’ve really changed…”

Nerisa, Lawyer

If you need any advice, we are just a phone call away:

Tonight (literally 24 hours after you completed my resume, within really quick timelines, for which I am really appreciative) a recruiter who had previously received my “old resume” has contacted me after receiving my “new resume”, he is absolutely blown away and said it was 100% worth the wait! He is seriously impressed with the style, approach, presentation and quality. He is so impressed he has actually asked me to pass across your details, he said it is extremely rare to find senior resumes written to such a high standard!! Of course, I’ve passed your details across & recommended Louise in particular.

My journey to finding a new opportunity may have only just begun, however, I am really pleased with the feedback from this recruiter, as he is a specialist in my field so fingers crossed will be able to support me further.

Kate, Business Development Director

Career Strategy


Define your distinctiveness


Identify and articulate your career goals and where you fit in today’s market


Understand what will bring you job satisfaction and career fulfillment

Marketing Strategy


Tailor / edit your resume and covering letter to beat the resume robots and secure interviews


Devise and articulate your pitch


Develop the best networking techniques and use LinkedIn to its optimum

Job Search Strategy


Move forward with purpose and direction to achieve career success


Become your own recruiter – manage your job search, job boards and headhunters


Access the hidden job market

Interview Strategy


Set your agenda, enhance interview confidence


Boost your success with practical interview coaching and mock interview


Secure your target role - transform your life and career

Underpinned by our weekly webinars and Career Refinery Portal & App for the duration of your program.

Transform Your Career:

Our career transition coaches have supported hundreds of clients into private and public sector roles as well as helped entrepreneurs start their own business.


Total clarity on what motivates you and how your skills and strengths translate to the job market


Maximized personal and professional potential, deepening your personal brand


Increased remuneration from enhanced market positioning


Rapid return on investment through identifying and securing a new role faster


The incentive, confidence and accountability to prepare, plan for and progress your career

How does the process work?


Order online or by phone:

Sign up for one to twelve months. Often clients work with a career coach throughout their career and we offer longer programs by negotiation.


Sessions tailored to you:

Career transition coaching is online via virtual video. We arrange sessions to fit your time zone, evenings and weekends.


Chemistry matched:

You will be chemistry matched with a coach according to your goals and priorities. We tailor each session to your development needs. Each client program is unique.


Working in partnership:

Career transition coaching is a partnership. It is evolves with you and your job search. Your coach supports you to make strategic, life-changing career decisions.

Call +1 (833) 761-0926 or email our expert team to discuss your career transformation.

Industry Expertise

Every day, we regularly invest in qualified professionals for difficult, time-consuming tasks where expertise is essential. Why should transforming your career be different?

To achieve optimum outcomes, you need to work with the best … it saves time, effort and disappointment.

With deep industry sector knowledge, we match clients with an expert who is perfectly in tune with how to position them for success.

You will be supported by professionals who have experience in recruitment, HR, head-hunting, career consultancy and coaching. Our whole team is driven by a desire to unite you with your perfect role.

Our clients have beaten the competition to win roles at…