Group Workshops
& Webinars

City CV provides wide-ranging cross-sector, cross-functional outplacement support. Alongside our Essentials, Professional and Executive Programs, we also offer half day and full day group workshops and webinars.

We work with businesses who unexpectedly find themselves having to exit or redeploy employees or who want to implement an ongoing support system for staff throughout their careers. In all instances we provide interactive group workshops and in-depth bespoke webinars. These are a cost / time-efficient and effective way of helping a number of people at once.

Group workshops and webinars provide your employees with the skills, techniques and confidence they need to search for new opportunities. They typically include:


How to write a winning resume

We show employees how to write a resume to help drive their career forward and stand out in a crowded and competitive market.


Harness the power of social media

A powerful and optimized LinkedIn profile, together with the knowledge of how best to use the platform, enables connection with industry influencers and an increased online network. This improves recruitment opportunities and online brand positioning.

Interview excellence

Employees are shown how to prepare and present themselves for interview. With plenty of role play and practical exercises, they will naturally increase their competence and confidence to shine.

Find career fulfilment

We take your team through six steps to help understand the perfect role that will meet their practical and financial needs and enable them to flourish and maximize their potential. This session helps employees establish the building blocks to springboard to a fulfilling future career.

Navigate today’s job market

Make sure your exiting staff are perfectly placed to navigate today’s unpredictable job market. Our experts help your team ensure their search is at its most productive with targeted and effective strategies for their job search, with a focus on planning, positivity and resilience.

Additional Services

Resume Revamp

As a follow up to the sessions, we offer resume and LinkedIn profile writing. After the workshop, your employees can use their new skills to redraft these essential documents and our writing experts will review and refine to meet the high expectations of recruiters in their target field.

Mock Interviews

Interview practice. Run online, each mock interview is directed to the employee’s target sector and role. We address specific needs, followed up with detailed verbal and written feedback.

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