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In times of uncertainty such as layoffs, it is essential to support your employees in a practical, results-driven way.

As specialists in career consultancy, we’ve created an intuitive  portal and app that makes it easy to engage, educate and empower employees at every level about their choices.

Blending e-learning, personal branding, live jobs and transition support, the Career Refinery combines interactive tools and valuable resources that equip your employees for the next stage of their career.

Enhancing and developing vital skills

With insights on the latest tools and techniques to promote self-development, the Career Refinery is a robust and sustainable way to build knowledge and self-awareness. Above all, it maximizes opportunities to secure a new role swiftly.

These are just a few of the many tools available:

Cope with change


Career & self-awareness assessments - Understand strengths and motivations, to inform career decisions.


Change & career options - Explore possibilities - sectors, types of career, self-employment and retirement.


Developing resilience - Setbacks happen. Boost bounce-back ability, improve confidence and find support.

Secure a new role


Hunt for jobs - Discover the hidden job market, search job boards. 25,000 recruitment consultants in one location.


Resume Builder - Our resume builder provides a guide to crafting a stand out Resume.


Cover letter builder - Inject energy and personality to any application. Tips and advice for a great first impression.


Interview simulator - Practice makes perfect, especially for vital job interviews. Invaluable mock interview scenarios.


Aptitude & psychometric tests - Practising commonly used assessments improves the chance of being hired.

Learn new skills


Career e-learning - Master job hunting with expert advice, videos, interactive e-learning courses and articles.


Business skills - Develop presentation, numeracy, finance, networking, leadership and time management skills.


IT skills - Improve technical skills with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook courses.

Career Refinery Portal & App Introduction

I am absolutely loving City CV’s app, ‘Career Refinery’!

I am using it as a practically full-time component of my job hunt, and everything I read, watch or complete on this app is adding value to my knowledge, my confidence and my job search.

I am working my way through the programs at the moment, and have not missed out a single task, as they have all been so useful.

I truly believe that I will come out of this whole process of finding a new job/career in a much better position, thanks to the Career Refinery.

Definitely money well spent! Thank you!”

Jenny Ball

Google Review

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