Redundancies looming? 5 things to look for in an outplacement services provider

How organisations conduct themselves when implementing redundancies has a lasting impact. Not only on the lives of departing employees, but also the future of your company brand and reputation. More than ever, we need leaders who value people and treat everyone with openness, honesty and respect. That’s the right thing to do but it also makes good business sense – a recent study found that 74% of layoff survivors say their own productivity dropped.

Employers choose outplacement support to meet different employees’ needs. Sometimes it’s practical advice, training materials and workshops to help staff identify their key skills and transition to a new role after redundancy. But it can also take the form of support to help them explore different career options, perfect their CV and use technology and social media platforms effectively to look for a new job.

Your departing employees may be looking for help to find a new, similar role. Then again, they may be ready to try something completely different or even start their own business. Whatever their ambitions, you can help them feel much more confident about the future by putting effective outplacement support in place.

right outplacement support
How do you choose the right outplacement support? 
1. Be clear about what your organisation needs

Different groups of employees will have different needs.  Some may just some help with writing a new CV or LinkedIn profile, but others may be looking for more in-depth career management support for a total rethink/change of direction? Make sure you choose an outplacement company that has the experience, reputation and scope of services that you need.

Technology will never replace human interaction. While it’s useful to harness the tools technology offers, at times of redundancy and career transition, that personal touch is vital – and this includes coaches who can bring clarity and composure to what might feel like a rather chaotic context.

2. A career coach can offer a tailored strategy and support

In these circumstances, it’s about matching the needs of individuals with the right tools and expertise to inspire change, promote positivity and set the scene for a bright future. In a recent industry survey, over 92% of all participants experiencing outplacement rated their career coach as the most important factor in helping them to achieve their desired outcomes. Specify a programme that aligns results and expectations.

3. Draw up a short list

Rather than a scattergun approach, choose two or three companies to research. Trawl their websites. Call for more information so you can draw comparisons. You should be offered a free initial chat in which you can ask relevant questions. How would your outplacement programme be structured? In the current circumstances, most employees will need outplacement support they can access from home via online portals, digital tools, video coaching and webinars.

4. Mental health and wellbeing really matters

Outplacement services can offer much more than immediate practical support such as CV writing and interview coaching. Losing a job is incredibly stressful – especially now with so much uncertainty affecting so many industries. Make sure you choose an outplacement partner that takes mental health seriously and has the resources in place to support your departing employees with their mental wellbeing and help them build the resilience and self-belief they’ll need to find a new role.

5. Finally, search the small print

Before you make a final decision, dig down into the detail. Be clear about the services that the outplacement company is providing, the scope of the support, all costs, when the service begins and ends and whether this takes place remotely or on-site. As with every other business arrangement your chosen service provider should be able to give you reassurances as well as access to testimonials from satisfied customers.

At City CV we’ve developed outplacement programmes for corporates of every size, spanning FTSE 100 companies to SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups in all sectors.

Choosing to offer outplacement as part of a redundancy support programme is a wise investment as it can cool down the heat across your organisation. It’s a demonstration that you value your people and also a reassurance to your remaining team that you will continue to support them during challenging times.

At City CV, we can flex to your needs. You may need expert advice and guidance in the form of an app to help your people prepare a CV, or they may benefit from comprehensive career coaching, including strategies and job search support on a one-to-one or group basis.

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