Applying for new roles and putting your career prospects in the hands of others – recruiters – can be difficult. City CV have some hints and tips to help you through as well as advice on how to make the most of any recruiting situation.

Be flexible
You work from 9 to 5, and so you might think it is reasonable to expect to be able to schedule an interview first thing in the morning, or in the evening, or perhaps even at the weekend. But what you must consider is that recruiters (and the companies they represent) also work from 9 to 5, and so you need to be flexible. If you are serious about going for a role, then booking some time out of your working day is something you should be prepared to do.

Be realistic
Salary expectations are often what make or break a deal. Yes, it is important for you, as the candidate, to know exactly what your skills and experience are worth. But you also need to have a realistic idea of the kind of salary you are going to be offered. The best thing for you, and the recruiter, and your potential employer, is for you to go into the hiring process with a clear and reasonable figure in mind.

Be proactive
Time is money. If a recruiter contacts you regarding an interview or an offer letter, you should get back in touch immediately – within 24 hours at the absolute maximum. If you leave the recruiter hanging on the telephone, they will begin to wonder whether you are as passionate or as dedicated as you have previously claimed.

Be honest
It is natural to want to keep your options open when looking for work, and there is no reason not to be transparent about it. If you are interviewing with other companies, you need to let recruiters know. This may actually work in your favour; if a candidate is in high demand, then it is likely that employers will become more interested, which could potentially lead to a better offer.

Be respectful
Once you have made it through the lengthy process of telephone and face to face interviews, you may find that the role or company you’ve targeted aren’t quite what you thought they were. So it is very important, should you receive a job offer, to be as upfront as possible. If you have changed your mind about the position, inform your recruiters. Do not wait until after you have signed the offer letter – this is technically an employment contract, and it will reflect very badly on you should you decide to renege on your side of the agreement.

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