What is a Non-Executive Directorship?

Whether you’re currently seeking a new challenge, diversifying your portfolio career or contemplating a staged route to retirement, this could be a great time to explore non-executive directorships.

As a non-executive director, you’ll have an opportunity to help steer a company in the right direction, helping them to be profitable, perform to an optimum level and have a strategic plan for the future.

It’s not about running the organisation but making sure it’s well run. Protecting its reputation and credibility. Enabling its future growth. Facilitating success and supporting the board. This leads to positive gains all round. One NED described the decision to join a board as “one of the more purposeful things I have done in my life.”

Many of the non-executive directors we’ve coached and supported tell us that contributing to the growth, strategy and evolution of a business is incredibly rewarding.

What are the benefits of being a Non-Executive Director?

The top four benefits of seeking a non-executive directorship role are:

  1. Ideal way to channel your years of experience to help other organisations
  2. Not a full-time commitment: a non-executive director role sits comfortably with a portfolio career
  3. Opportunity to contribute fresh insights and ideas and boost reputation and credibility
  4. Extra source of income (sometimes)

How do I start working towards a Non-Executive Directorship?

Our expert team can help you shape your NED CV for maximum success. You can also talk to us about the programmes we can recommend to boost your understanding of the role and position you for the right opportunities.In addition, we offer tailored executive coaching which will give you a solid foundation for progressing your journey to your first non-executive director role.

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We also highly recommend you attend our free masterclass ‘Launching Your NED Career & Creating Your NED CV’ on April 21st. The lunchtime session will give you lots of top tips and strategies which you can start to implement immediately. You can register for the event here.