Applying for your first role? Facing your first interview?

No doubt you will have prepared for your interview, having answers ready for every question from ‘What are your weaknesses?’ to ‘How many tennis balls would fit on a tennis court?’ But what to say when asked, ‘So, why do you want to work here?’ Have a strong, stand out answer ready and you will impress your future employer.

Research, research, research

Google is your friend, use it well. Look up news stories about the company, study company results and their place in the industry, see if you can uncover anything about the company culture on social media sites. You will be expected to have looked at the company’s own website too. Have some current facts and statistics at your fingertips to incorporate into your answers but presented in a way that demonstrates you have understood what you have read and are not simply repeating verbatim.

What not to say

You can safely talk about the company’s successes, culture, ethos and mission statement, the training offered and what interests you about the service provided or industry they are in. Trying to get them all in will come across as forced so focus on those you are really passionate about and on which you will be happy to be questioned further. Red flags to avoid are holiday, salary and any incentives – you don’t want to appear to be someone purely interested in the benefits.

Package it together

Now you’re armed with what you want to say, you need to present it in a well-packaged, perceptive and thoughtful response which showcases your ability to assimilate information and highlights you as the best fit for the role and company. An interview is the ideal arena to sell yourself and by matching your skills and passions with the attitudes and outlook of the company, you can show just how much you have considered working for the company and how dedicated you could be.

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