Anonymous Executive

Oh my goodness I am reading through everything this morning and wanted to send a note to say that it looks amazing. I am so grateful to Lauren for the incredible work you have done. As I read I can see that it all reflects reality, but in a way I would never in a million years have been able to do myself. Thank you, thank you. I will write more properly when I have given it all the attention it deserves, but just want you to know how deeply I appreciate this and how excited I feel about my chances of finding a new role with all of this to support me. No wonder Lauren says each one is like giving birth. Nothing short of a miracle.


I wanted to get in touch to let you know that I have secured a new role as Project Coordinator at a CEO advisory firm – I start on 2 August. It was the first role I was interviewed for! I have had so much recruiter interest and also had other interviews lined up. I can only thank you again for your work on my CV.


I really liked the CV, the presentation style and in essence much shorter and sharper. Other people liked it as well!!! (which is the main thing!) It had a definite impact certainly with one company. They particularly commented that my CV stood out. They had 380 applicants, down to 50 in a first screen, then 5 for first interview. The power of the new CV! First interview with the recruiter went very well.

Communications Manager
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