NED Coaching

Whether you’re pursuing your first Non-Executive Director (NED) role or are a seasoned board member looking to enhance your expertise, City CV’s board coaching services will position you for success.

Who is NED Coaching for?

We support both aspiring and experienced NEDs:

1. Executives seeking or considering moving into a Portfolio Career as an NED/Adviser.

Ideally, this work starts 12-18 months before a full-time corporate career concludes. This is in order to do the thinking, put together a plan, and set up the systems and positioning. Importantly, it allows time to adjust from being a ‘doer’ to being an ‘adviser’. This aspect is commonly underestimated. Coaching focuses on gaining those first roles and evolving from voluntary roles in the third sector and smaller organisations into paid roles and ultimately in larger more complex organisations.

2. Experienced NEDs where coaching focuses on the ongoing ‘rolling roles’ that typify a NED/Adviser career and supports individuals in developing a clear strategy and creating a plan for moving up the value chain to achieve their goals.

Why invest in our NED Coaching?

NED Coaching helps you to consider and clarify:

  • Knowledge of key professional disciplines
  • Expertise in governance
  • Ambassadorial skills and networks
  • Connection or reflection of the organisation’s main audiences


  • Understanding and clarifying your key skills, expertise, impact, and the value you bring to the table.
  • Understand your key attributes and characteristics outside the technical expertise.

This will allow you to identify the target audience or market. Once you have this clarity coaching will allow you to position and focus your branding in the market to ensure you are as attractive as possible to your target audience. This aligns to work on your CV and other documents as well as your LinkedIn profile and engagement.

Curious | interested | personal

In many NED or Adviser roles often there needs to be a personal interest component. Unearthing that connection within a sector and type of organisation is going to be critical. Coaching will uncover these in a way that is meaningful and enable you to articulate a strong personal link to the desired market.

Landing opportunities

Coaching will help support you in preparing for interviews and meetings. These can include interview coaching covering a wide range of aspects including articulation of message, likely questions, questions to ask, practice interviews, focus areas, identifying priorities and key elements of the role and organisation.

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If you need any advice, we are just a phone call away:

I’d been considering NED roles for quite a while and although I knew they would take my law career to the next level, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. Fortunately, City CV was recommended to me and once I was in their professional hands, they helped me to identify and prepare for the roles I really wanted. My expertly written NED CV was focused and strategic. As a result I’m now paid to sit on two boards and have plans to add to my NED portfolio. I couldn’t be happier.

Sandra, Director, NED and General Counsel

“Not only did I get an interview, I bypassed the long list interviews and went straight through to the shortlist.”

Niamh, Board Executive

How does NED Coaching work and what can I expect?

There are typically four main ‘channels’ to market when considering an ‘NED’ role. A plan will be developed to ensure the best possible utilisation of the most appropriate channels.

The plan will typically use all these routes and coaching will formulate a way forward in terms of how this works best and most authentically for you. It will include a combination of undertaking research, utilising your existing network, creating new networking connections and engagement, social media utilisation, frameworks for approaching and advice and support as you progress.


Applications to advertised positions


Enable you to be more easily found by your target audience (e.g. LinkedIn)


Create a powerful pitch and positioning when you are networking


Enable you to identify key organisations to strategically introduce yourself

How does the process work?


Order online or by phone:

Sign up for two to twelve months. Often clients work with their NED coach throughout their career and we frequently offer longer programmes for many clients. 


Sessions tailored to you:

Our NED coaching is via video, face to face in London, or a blend of the two. We welcome clients from all over the world and arrange sessions to fit your time zone, including evenings and weekends.


Chemistry matched:

You will be chemistry matched with a NED coach according to your goals and priorities. We tailor each session to your development needs. Each client programme is unique.


Working in partnership:

NED coaching is a partnership that evolves with you and your career. Your executive coach supports you to progress, improve performance, and make key life and career decisions.

Call +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or email our expert team to discuss your career transformation.

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We can provide NED coaching services at a time to suit you. You’ll enjoy a tailor-made partnership with an industry expert who can work closely with you to improve and enhance your career. We provide our services online by using some of the most common video conferencing softwares as well as face to face meetings in London.

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