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The Career Refinery Portal & App is an incredible resource hub that houses all the tools and advice you’ll ever need to secure a new role and to thrive in it. We’ve helped tens of thousands of individuals advance their careers, and we’re ready to help you too.

You’re not alone

We understand searching for a role can be overwhelming and exhausting at the best of times, never mind in a post-pandemic job-market. It can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, submitting application after application, day after day, hearing nothing back and wondering when you’ll catch a break.

Whether you’re currently looking for a job, furloughed, or simply feeling (understandably) uncertain about your future job security, we’re here to reassure you that there ARE opportunities out there for you, offer you a helping hand, and provide all the support you need to move your career forward with confidence, come what may.

Be prepared, take control of your future today

As well as providing practical, results-driven support for finding your next job, the Career Refinery Portal & App will give you access to hiring managers, employment experts and leaders, ready to share their advice and knowledge.

Blending e-learning, personal branding, live jobs, transition support and a weekly masterclass programme delivered by the very best career development professionals, the Career Refinery combines interactive tools and valuable resources.

It’s everything you need to plan the next stage of your career.

When you sign up for our Career Refinery Portal & App you’ll benefit from:


Hundreds of career tools, advice and content

Want to know how to write your own CV, how to network on LinkedIn, or how to calm your nerves before a Zoom interview? As a Career Refinery member you have access to practical career tools as well as hours of talks, masterclasses and articles covering all the latest career development and recruitment news and advice.


Expert weekly masterclasses

Join us every Thursday for our live careers masterclass. Each week we cover a relevant topic – ranging from how to become your own recruiter, through to caring for your mental health and wellbeing. We’ll share with you the latest professional tips on everything from securing an interview to using social media to develop your career. There’s also a chance to ask questions each week of our CEO Victoria McLean and other members of our team of career experts.


Fresh content added daily

We’re adding content to our Career Refinery every day – so you can rest assured you’ll stay up-to-date, motivated and inspired throughout your job search. And should your situation change in future, you’ll know where to come for the latest updates and advice!

Career Refinery
Portal & App

As specialists in career consultancy, we’ve created an intuitive portal and app that supports you to:

  1. Secure a new role
  2. Cope with change
  3. Learn new skills


Enhance and develop vital skills

With insights on the latest tools and techniques to promote self-development, the Career Refinery is a robust and sustainable way to build knowledge and self-awareness. Above all, it maximises opportunities to secure a new role swiftly.

These are just a few of the many tools available:

Cope with change


Change & career options - Explore possibilities, sectors, types of career, self-employment and retirement.


Develop resilience - Setbacks happen. Boost bounce-back ability, improve your confidence and find support.


Career & self-awareness assessments - Understand your strengths and motivations to inform career decisions.

Secure a new role


Hunt for jobs - Discover the hidden job market, search job boards. 25,000 recruitment consultants in one location.


CV Builder - Our CV builder provides a guide to crafting your stand out CV.


Cover letter builder - Inject energy and personality to your application. Tips and advice for a great first impression.


Interview simulator - Practice makes perfect, especially for vital job interviews. Invaluable mock interview scenarios.


Aptitude & psychometric tests - Rehearse commonly used assessments to improve the chances of being hired.

Learn new skills


Career e-learning - Master job hunting with expert advice, videos, interactive e-learning courses and articles.


Business skills - Develop presentation, numeracy, finance, networking, leadership and time management skills.


IT skills - Enhance technical skills with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook courses.

You Deserve Your Dream Job

We believe everyone should get to do work they love, and be equipped with the tools to find it. We understand the job market is saturated and the process can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve packed all the support, tools and guidance you need into our online portal & app.

So sign up online today for instant access to our career transforming portal & app. So you can stop feeling lost, confused and nervous about the future and instead find the job of your dreams.