Leveraging LinkedIn at a C-suite level is well worth it. To thrive at C-level, you must be a strong communicator, a collaborator, and a strategic thinker, according to Harvard Business Review.

From shop floor to top floor, we understand the challenges you face. As a C-suite leader, you’re responsible for planning, empowering and motivating employees as well as informing the board and making top level decisions. It’s a role that fuses responsibility with strategy, and by definition it isn’t something you can carry out in isolation.

So why not maximise the world’s largest and most effective business platform?

Establishing and nurturing your profile on LinkedIn brings many benefits. You’ll build influence, boost credibility, and open yourself up to opportunities that can result in both success for your business and fulfilment for yourself.  It’s also what everyone else is doing, as the stats show. Blending in while standing out.

LinkedIn’s figures are pretty impressive:

  • 660+ million members in 200 countries worldwide
  • 90 million senior-level influencers
  • 63 million decision makers
  • 20 million jobs from 30 million companies
  • 17 million opinion leaders
  • 10 million C-level executives – just like you

(Source: LinkedIn and Hootsuite)

As we enter 2020, C-suite executives need to stay on top of the latest trends. Innovation, digital and strategy are the latest buzz words, and there’s no better platform to be informed and to inform, to show and share new thinking than LinkedIn.

It’s where you build industry influence and authority as well as maximise significant opportunities for business success… because this is where everyone else hangs out, including your competition.

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So here are five ways you can harness the power of LinkedIn:

  1. Perfect your profile

This is where you build trust, fortify your online presence and essentially, make people want to engage with you. With a strong LinkedIn profile, you’ll reach more than simply your company’s customers – you’ll also impact employees, potential recruits and peers.

There are some great techniques we know to help you make the most of this platform. These include adding video clips, using relevant and powerful keywords to optimise your profile, promoting your visibility and helping you get seen by the right people at the right time. It’s not just about presenting yourself in a carefully written summary – you’ll also need to choose a suitable photo and customise your background – see how Bill Gates did it.

2. Focus on forging connections

Connect with other senior executives to share expertise, insights and open up opportunities. Be selective without dismissing potentially enriching connections. Grow your network (the average CEO has 930 connections) further by joining groups and commenting on content.

Professionally reaching out to others ‘humanises’ you and the organisation you represent – in a world of acronyms (and especially in the C-suite universe where job titles are increasing), it’s important to retain a personal approach, showing warmth and relatability. Make the most of LinkedIn’s messaging function – did you know that InMail has a 300% higher response rate than email?

3. Elevate yourself as a leading industry expert

Sharing ideas, insights and collaborating with others will position you as an effective thought leader and a specialist in your field. Social media platforms are this generation’s version of a white paper, leading the way for instant engagement and showcasing your ‘finger on the pulse’ expertise.

What’s more, it’s increasingly important for leaders to be seen to chime in on conversations, showing that they’re in tune with what consumers are saying, willing to respond and add value.

4. Attract media attention

Journalists prowl on LinkedIn. It’s their natural go-to for finding experts on specific topics and this can be a highly effective way to boost your organisation’s visibility and profile as well as your own credentials. They may come to you for comment, to contribute to a report that in turn will position you, and the company you represent, as an influencer and authority.

5. Learn to share, share to learn

LinkedIn offers potential for you to not only share your knowledge but to learn from others in similar roles, leading to enhanced skills and wider insights. When you write your own articles and provide rich valuable content that is easy to share, you naturally boost engagement. 91% of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content.

Find out more about how one particular American CEO is building culture through strategic techniques and fully harnessing the power of LinkedIn.

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