For graduates seeking a career in investment banking, there is some good news and some bad news. Recruitment company Astbury Marsden has claimed that the number of job openings in London’s financial sector were on the up in January this year – a definite step in the right direction for hopeful candidates. However, according to recruiter Morgan McKinley, vacancies were still 52% behind the same point in 2011, meaning the job market is still incredibly competitive, especially for graduates with limited practical experience – so impressive graduate CV writing is all that more important.

The graduate application process can be an ongoing and exhausting one. Last month, an anonymous intern at a bulge bracket bank described her experiences of the selection process to The Guardian as part of its Voices of Finance series:
“Applying for graduate internships is so tiring and bruising. It’s like dating, you sit by the phone waiting for a call. Back in my days at university I would get up at 5.30am or 6am. First I’d go jogging, then send out an application for an internship every morning. It’s so painful to hear ‘no’ all the time.”
She also commented on the increasingly rare career opportunities for graduates: “These days it’s really hard to find internships or jobs for that matter. The market has changed. Last year I could intern anywhere, now I am really struggling.” She then cited the lay-offs implemented by multiple investment banks at the end of last year.
It can seem like a pretty hopeless situation for even the most talented and ambitious of graduates; how can you be sure you’re putting your best foot forward and standing out from the crowd? A professionally written graduate CV ensures you achieve just that, through intensive consults with candidates and in-depth knowledge of your target industry.

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