Already followed our first 5 tips?

Hopefully you have already read our first five tips and have made a good start on your graduate CV…

5 more tips for writing a stand-out graduate CV

Here are five more of our most effective graduate CV writing tips to help you get started on writing your perfect CV.


6. Results-focussed

Next, write four to eight bulleted achievements. These are stories about how you specifically added value, or ways in which your employer benefited from paying you to be around. Measure the results as much as you can, preferably with specific values or percentages.

7. Keep education simple

Only mention courses you completed successfully and make sure professional training and development is relevant and succinct. If something didn’t work out, you dropped out, or you failed, keep it entirely off your CV.

8. Keep extra-curricular relevant

It’s great if you can differentiate your CV with unusual or high-achieving activities. Well done on that silver medal! However, if your hobbies outside work are going to the local bar and binge-watching Netflix – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s probably best to leave those off your CV…

9. Triple check

Make sure there are no typos. Apparently 97% of hiring managers reject on the basis of two typos. These kinds of mistakes are a clear window into the quality of work you’re likely to do once employed, so there really should be no excuse for making avoidable mistakes.

If you’re getting to the stage where you’re word blind and you’ve looked over it too many times, ask a trusted friend or relative to look over it for you.

10. Ask a graduate CV writing expert

If writing your own CV from scratch is too daunting or if you just haven’t got the time, contact the expert graduate CV writers at City CV for help.

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