Given that social media has surreptitiously crept into practically every aspect of our lives, influencing everything from the way we shop to how we watch TV, it should come as no surprise that Facebook plays a pretty visible role in your working life. And while LinkedIn is the network of choice for furthering your career, studies indicate that up to 37% of companies will also check out a prospective employee’s Facebook presence too, so it is worth making sure you’re not committing any of these Facebook faux pas.

Negative status updates

What does an angry rant or a self-indulgent whine say about you? It says you’re more interested in starting arguments, deflecting blame and fishing for sympathy than you are in coming up with solutions to problems. Much like a CV or a LinkedIn profile, avoid mentioning negative outcomes on Facebook, especially when it comes to things that happen at work. And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be posting statuses of any kind during working hours.

Excessive activity

When it comes to liking, sharing and commenting on content on Facebook, try to rein it in a bit. The last thing you want, should a prospective employer glance at your page, is for them to think that you have too much time on your hands. Similarly, give some thought to what you are liking. While your political views should have no bearing on your eligibility as a candidate, you don’t want to risk crossing paths with an interviewer who has taken umbrage with something they’ve seen on your profile.

What are your Facebook friends like?

While you should be judged as a candidate entirely on your own merits, the likelihood is that if an employer has found you on Facebook, they have also made some observations on the company you keep. Now of course there’s nothing wrong with having an active social life – but if your friends are constantly tagging you in photos of rowdy nights out, you might want to consider clicking ‘Hide from Timeline’ on a few offending pictures. And if you want to have a chat with your best mate, complete with affectionate ribbing and filthy in-jokes, keep it to the private messages.

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