You should absolutely have more than one version of your CV. Job descriptions may be similar in terms of job titles, standard skills and duties however every role is unique to the business itself. There will always be slight variations in the job descriptions because all businesses are unique. If you are looking to advance your career to the next level then having a more senior tailored CV is critical. It is safe to say that there is no one size fits all approach and that is exactly why you should have multiple variations of your CV.

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This is what you will learn from watching Victoria McLean’s part 2 “How many versions of my CV should I have” video:

Having different versions of your cv is a must: Victoria dives deeper into why having multiple versions of your CV is beneficial, especially when applying for roles in specific industry sectors.

The implications of applying with a generic CV: Victoria explains that just applying to multiple jobs with a generic CV will decrease your chances of progressing to the next step and securing an interview. Recruiters and hiring managers will always put forward candidates that closely match the requirements of the recruitment brief.

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