According to a group of 46 chief executives and business leaders who were surveyed in a recent study by the Marketing Society, there is a clear list of eight strengths that are key to executive success. Some of the UK’s top business leaders were interviewed for the report, including easyJet chief Carolyn McCall, McDonald’s UK boss, Jill McDonald and Neil Berkett, credited with turning round Virgin Media. How can these strengths best be illustrated and highlighted when you’re writing an executive CV?

Here are our 5 essential skills you should include in your executive CV

  1. Giving a clear sense of direction.

Knowing where you’re going and keeping others in the loop is the most important skill a business leader has, apparently. Reflect this on the CV with the use of examples; think of a strategy or business improvement project that you initiated and ask yourself how you overcame challenges, and how you ensured key stakeholders were kept up to date.

  1. Bring the customer into the boardroom

Organisations need to work harder to focus on customer needs and deliver on company promises, chief executives said, as not all companies are customer-centric. Make sure your CV focuses extensively on customer satisfaction, feedback scores and other measurable outcomes that make it clear that’s where your focus was. A great place to analyse customer opinion is on social media, particularly Twitter; consider including examples of this strategy when you’re writing your CV or LinkedIn profile.

  1. Communicate clearly – inside and out

Illustrate this skill with a well-written, succinct and impactful executive CV, LinkedIn profile and professional cover letter. You can ensure a positive impression by using a professional CV writing service like City CV, with a persuasive, eloquent HR expert representing your communication skills in the best possible light.

  1. Be flexible but not floppy

Alan Brown, chief executive of Rentokil, said: “Being flexible is vital and the only way for a business to succeed, but sometimes a little rigidity and inertia can stop an organisation lurching off on a short-lived fad.” To come up with a good example for the CV, think about how you’ve overcome obstacles or challenges in the past through agility, flexibility or compromise.

  1. Take risks but don’t bet the company

A careful balancing act is required in the CV; companies are increasingly nervous about the use of the word risk in any sense except mitigation or compliance. That said, examples of well-calibrated management of probability and risk / reward ratios, particularly if they were underpinned with some sort of safety mechanism, make excellent ‘hooks’ to go in a CV – they’re the kind of success stories interviewers will want to hear about.

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