Increasing numbers of women over 50 are struggling to find a job. Our CEO, Victoria McLean was delighted to share her advice on how to approach the job market and make the most of your experience when looking for a role as an over 50. ‘Too old to hire, too young to retire’ was published on 19th April in Issue 16 of Best magazine.

Diversity high on agendas

Victoria advises: “Lots of companies have diversity on their agendas and age needs to be a part of that. Older women can bring balance to a team – they are steady. They have had their families.”

Imposter Syndrome is real

Victoria continues: “There is a statistic that shows a man will apply for a role if they have 60 per cent of the requirements, whereas women won’t unless they have 100 per cent. Imposter Syndrome is real – but I say, embrace it.”

Review your CV and emphasise your skills

“Review your CV and compress anything older than 15 years to a few lines. Remove dates and don’t include schooling, especially O Levels…Do a proper audit of your skills and experience, all those small wins you’ve achieved and shout about them. If you think there are gaps, find ways to fill them, such as signing up for a course or volunteering.”

Smash the stereotypes

Victoria concludes: “There is a stereotype that older employees are tired, resistant to change and not tech savvy. Combat this by showing examples that demonstrate you are open to new skills and have plenty of energy.”

Looking for work?

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