This year has seen a dramatic rise on the coverage and conversations around the menopause. This taboo subject is finally a topic for open discussion in the corporate world. Research, and direct experience, demonstrates the devastating impact it can have on women personally and on their careers.

Menopause workshops

Whether it’s a topic of interest personally and/or from an organisational perspective, a date for your diary should be October 18th, the official date for ‘World Menopause Day’. We are particularly passionate about educating and empowering organisations and their female employees, so we are dedicating the whole of October to raising awareness.

If this is a topic you think your employer should be addressing then we can run tailored sessions on the topic for female employees and all HR and senior leaders. Read more about our menopause workshops here.

Menopause guidance

Following our inaugural webinar on the ‘Menopause and the Workplace’ in February, we have continued our work to support organisations on the topic. This includes:

Menopause webinar

We will, of course, be running our own Menopause Month webinar on October 14th. You will be able to find registration details for ‘Making sense of the Menopause: women, work and the way forward in our Events section in the coming weeks.

Ongoing employee engagement and training

Our ability to support you doesn’t just end with Menopause Month. Take a look at some of our most popular workshops and webinars here, all fully-tailored to your organisation and employees. The team would love the chance to discuss with you the ways that our training and advice can help you and your teams navigate these topics.

Please call +44 20 7100 6656 today or send an email to enquiries@citycv.com to find out more.