5 Ways to Succeed During a Video InterviewIt is increasingly common for companies to conduct virtual interviews with candidates, usually over Skype or though other video technology. They typically involve the candidate answering a series of pre-determined interview questions using a webcam to record their interview. Sometimes, they are one-way interviews which pre-screen candidates by asking them respond to pre-set questions without an interviewer at the other end. Either way, these tips will help you prepare:

Practice, practice, practice

Don’t treat these conversations as different, or inferior, to face-to-face interview. As with a conversation in a meeting room, practice makes perfect. If their video interview technology lets you, take full advantage of the company’s practice questions. This will help you prepare for the interview and will also let you get comfortable with the technology. Use the practice questions to address flaws or improvable issues, such as background or clothing. An interview coach from City CV can help you prepare effectively.

Look at the camera, not yourself on the screen

This is no time for admiring yourself in the bottom corner of a computer screen. Eye contact is crucial in an in-person interview, and it adds a professional and human touch on video as well. Pretend your webcam is the eye of the person interviewing you and maintain as much focus on that as you would during any conversation.

Dress professionally

It’s probably best to avoid the risk of focusing your attention on professionalism on the top half only; things can go wrong and you may have to stand up. Dress appropriately as if you were in an office. Polish your shoes! It will make you feel more credible. Wear light colours against a dark background or dark colours against a light background.

Prepare the room carefully

You need to highlight skills, strengths and qualifications so ensure your recording area is well lit, with no creepy shadows on your face. Keep a light source nearby and check the lighting to make sure you are visible, healthy-looking and professional. Keep the background as neutral as possible; don’t distract your audience. The interviewer wants to see you, so keep clutter to a minimum. Sit up straight, with the picture showing you from the shoulder up.

Research effectively

Often clients leave space in interviews for you to ask questions that they can return to in a second interview. Don’t be visibly struggling to think of what you could ask. Prepare a few questions about something that indicates enthusiasm, or the research you’ve done in the company. If you’ve sent them a well-written executive CV written by a professional CV writing service, you can use that as a reference document.


Alongside our team of excellent CV writers, City CV has trained interview coaches on hand to help you succeed in all manner of interview. We tailor our sessions to your needs. There’s advice and information on our website, or call +44 20 7100 6656 to talk through some options, or email us at enquirires@citycv.com.